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In Webflow, when you make a new page, you give it a name.

In the HTML, this name becomes the <title> element.

You can see the title in the browser bar: 


A screen reader will announce the title of the page. 

That's not very useful to a screen reader user (or to a search engine bot).

But in Webflow, when you make a new page, you can also give it a title tag.

title setting in webflow

Titles must be accurate and informative. They should be short and unique, and the unique information should come first in the title.

I have given this page <title><The HTML title element in Webflow></title> NOT <Webflow - the Title Element>. If a user is scanning lots of pages, they don't want to hear the name of the company repeated at the start of each page.

The page <title> should also match, or be similar to the top heading in the main content. This may seem redundant - why repeat the same information? Well, it's because people may be scanning their open tabs, looking for a specific page. The title is the first thing a user will hear.